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  隨著各地陸續復工,漫長的假期總算告一段落。居家隔離期間,你有沒有忍不住買買買?最近的一項大數據分析,統計出了疫情期間,中國人最傾向于采買的物品清單?! ∫咔橹?,國人的


  新冠肺炎疫情是否會在晚些時候迎來第二波?人類又該如何阻止其暴發?美國媒體最近針對這些人們關心的問題進行了解讀?! s authorities the world over consider when to


  The coronavirus pandemic is likely to have a"profound and pervasive impact"on global mental health,as billions struggle to cope with isolated living and anx


The world's supply of blood for life-saving transfusions is insufficient to meet global demand, leaving most countries facing severe shortages, according to a new study.


Billionaire Bill Gates remains one of the most outspoken public figures on the novel coronavirus, with the Microsoft co-founder calling the outbreak "the first pandemic of modern times."



  As authorities the world over consider when


  One year after a fire endangered one of Catholicism's most cherished monuments,restoration of Paris'Notre Dame Cathedral has been stymied by the cor


  Alibaba Cloud,a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba,will spend RMB 200 billion($28.27 billion)on its cloud infrastructure over the next three yea


  Une déclaration qui fait peur.«+89%,c'est l'augmentation du nombre d'appels au 119 la semaine dernière.»C'est ce q

比爾·蓋茨表示距離疫情結束還早 美國檢測不足



With billions of people struggling to cope with isolation and heightened anxiety, the covid-19 outbreak is likely to have a "serious pervasive impact" on mental health around the world, experts warned on Thursday.


While sheltering from the epidemic at home, celebrities have taken their philanthropy to a whole new level. Last week, Justin bieber, leonardo dicaprio and ciara started Posting for the All In challenge. This week, the creators of friends joined in. In fa


During the new outbreak, the royals worked from home like the rest of the world, and they faced many of the same problems as we do as they adjusted to the new normal.


  THE PRACTICALITIES of living under lockdown can be especially hard in a small village.Broadband reception in Wilton,in the south-west of England,is patchy s


  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella thanked employees for their hard work and said the company has a key role to play amid the COVID-19 pandemic in a company-wide e



  Tourists are asked to pay close attention to the situation

中國疫情爆發 阿里云服務營業額爆表

Aliyun, a unit of Chinese e-commerce giant alibaba group holding LTD, will spend 200 billion yuan ($28.27 billion) on cloud infrastructure over the next three years as the country's new outbreak increases demand for digital services.


During an outbreak, there are some important things that people who are not infected need to know, including hand washing. Of course, some things don't need to be done, because not only do they not work, they affect the people who really need them. For m

瑞幸咖啡美股狂跌 表示疫情對生意影響不大

Luckin, which is now seen as a major rival to starbucks in China, discussed concerns about the impact of the covid-19 outbreak on the brand in a conference call with analysts.

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