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  Coronavirus lockdowns across the globe should not be completely lifted until a vaccine for the disease is found,according to a study based on China's ou


  抗擊疫情已經成為全世界人民的共同戰斗,然而病毒并不是我們唯一的敵人?! ∑缫?,甚至比病毒更可怕?! ∫咔榘l生時,雪飛洋正在英國讀書。她的演講分享的是英國留學生抗&l


  我國已有三種新冠病毒疫苗進入二期臨床試驗,其中包括一種腺病毒疫苗和兩種滅活疫苗,還需進行更多研究評估這三種疫苗的安全性和有效性?! hree COVID-19 vaccines-one


  新冠肺炎疫情是否會在晚些時候迎來第二波?人類又該如何阻止其暴發?美國媒體最近針對這些人們關心的問題進行了解讀?! s authorities the world over consider when to






Chinese start-up kuaishou is considering a U.S. listing to fund its short-video expansion and fend off competition from douyin's parent bytedance, according to people familiar with the matter.


For the United States, the last loss was to Greece in the 2006 World Cup. However, the latest defeat was a friendly, which is in some ways more rare. Last week's loss to the fiery mills was only the second friendly defeat for the United States since 1992


Tadashi yanai, the 70-year-old founder of billionaire fast retailing co., said he wants a woman to take over his business, which is better for the development of Asia's largest retailer.


Durant later explained his decision to the Wall Street journal, noting that he had never been accepted by the warriors. Curry, Thompson and green were all warriors' products of talent, and he never felt he had the same status as those three and Andre igu


If you've seen many of the best horror movies on this list, it's time to target your Halloween movies this year. This year on USDish, the intrepid will be able to take on the challenge of watching 13 film adaptations of Stephen king's classic novels by


Yao is surprisingly mobile, and for a player of his size, he can run around the court well, often beating many slow-moving centers on the court.


With his arm span, agility, speed, and jumping power, durant is hard to beat in athleticism.

全球氣候罷工 華盛頓交通癱瘓

Three days after the global climate strike, activists took to the streets of Washington DC today to block the morning commute as a way to call attention to the issue.


Yi jianlian is another promising star in Chinese basketball after yao Ming. At seven feet tall, he has the agility and coordination of a small player and the explosive power of an Asian athlete. American style of play, very agile and energetic.

任天堂已推出了Switch Lite究竟是什么

Nintendo has released the nintendo Switch Lite, which is cheaper and lighter than the previous Switch, as well as a new Switch game, legend of zelda: link's awakening.


The mayor of Venice says the severe flooding that has inundated many parts of the city is a direct result of climate change.


Scientists in Japan have used machine learning for the first time to discover a new human figure in ancient patterns of nazca lines in Peru.

廣東省小學強制開設游泳課 網友們怎么說

From 2020, swimming classes will be offered in all primary schools in guangdong province, which is recommended to start in the fourth grade. Should swimming lessons be compulsory in schools? Forum readers Shared their views.


The central government issued the first systematic document to guide governments at all levels to actively respond to the challenges of an aging population, the Beijing news commented:


The 13-minute video, titled "Never Done" follows the former NBA star guard's journey from free agency to playing for the Chinese basketball league.

損兵折將的金州勇士隊 東契奇能否力挽狂瀾

The warriors are not doing well. There are only eight healthy players on the roster, and no one has ever started except Willie cauley-stein.

權游完結之后 我么還能看什么?

House of the Dragon isn't the only prequel to game of thrones. Here's everything we know about the prequel to game of thrones.


A vast alliance of more than 11,000 scientists has signed, sealed and sent an important message to the world: if we do not change our lives quickly, deeply and consistently, they write, "endless human suffering" is on the horizon.


It was the craziest scene the league had ever seen - beer spilled from the stands, players beating the crowd to the ground, massive rioting at the palace of auburn hills - and it was broadcast live on national television, much to the consternation of Davi

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