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  As they try to ride out the coronavirus pandemic,people are stressed and scared—nervous about others’and their own health and the state of the world.For those lucky enough to be healthy and working from home in quarantine,their jobs can seem trivial and irritating.Separated physically from their colleagues,customers,and normal workplace,they find themselves alone with their computers,sporadically touching base remotely with those they used to see regularly.Many feel lost.Leaders of organizations can help their people get through these trying times by coaching them as they reevaluate their lives and rethink what they add to the world.Here’s how.



  Think about how you can serve the people you lead.Take time to reach out to those you lead in phone and video calls.Ask them how they’re doing and how you can help.Then do whatever you can to get them what they need,even if it has nothing to do with work.“Servant leaders”view their key role as serving employees as they explore and grow,providing tangible and emotional support along the way.Research shows that they create greater engagement and help employees bring more of themselves to work.



  Help employees discover their own personal purpose.In this new work-from-home environment,free from the normal work scripts,many of us need to ask some basic questions:“What is my job now?How do I go about helping my organization succeed?What do I want out of my career?”The answers might not be the same as they were a month ago.Discuss with employees whether any of the basic elements of their work have changed or will change.Get them to prioritize whom they are trying to serve and what they need from you in order to be effective.This type of conversation can provide the clarity needed to personalize our work’s purpose better than an organization’s vision or mission statement,which is often so grand that employees have difficulty connecting it to their daily tasks.

  幫助員工發現自己的個人目的。在這種新的在家工作環境中,沒有普通的工作腳本,我們許多人需要問一些基本問題:“我現在的工作是什么?我如何去幫助我的組織成功?我職業生涯想要什么?”答案可能與一個月前的不同。與員工討論他們工作的基本要素是否已經改變或將要改變。讓他們優先考慮他們要為誰服務,他們需要從您這里得到什么,這樣才能更有效率。這種類型的對話可以提供個性化工作目標所需的清晰度,而不是一個組織的愿景或使命宣言,后者往往過于宏大,以至于員工很難將其與日常任務聯系起來。<-->紐約時報中英文網 http://www.738231.buzz<-->

  In their research,Antonio Freitas of State University of New York and his colleagues demonstrate the value of questioning employees about their job tasks and then asking,“Why does it matter?”four times after each response.This exercise can connect a person’s daily activities to a higher-level goal.

  紐約州立大學的Antonio Freitas和他的同事們在研究中證明了向員工詢問工作任務然后問“為什么如此重要”的價值。這項練習可以將一個人的日?;顒优c更高層次的目標聯系起來。

  Suppose a manager is in charge of completing performance evaluation forms for each employee.In response to the question,“Why does completing these forms matter?”she might answer,“I want to let my people know where they stand.”Next,she’s asked,“Why does it matter that people know where they stand?”The answer might be,“So that people can know how they can reach their career goals.”And a third time:“Why does it matter if people know how to reach their career goals?”The answer might be:“They may focus their energy at work differently.”Then a fourth question will follow:“Why does it matter whether people focus their energy at work in a different way?”A possible answer might be:“So that people feel like they are thriving while helping the company thrive.”


  Analyzing decision-making at NASA during the 1960s,Wharton professor Andrew Carton found that similar steps helped employees see a stronger connection between their work and NASA’s ultimate aspirations:“I’m building electrical circuits”or“I’m mopping floors”becomes“I’m putting a man on the moon.”The more we think about why we’re performing a task,the more motivated and persistent we’ll be—especially when the task becomes hard.And as Carton found in his studies of NASA,this sense of purpose also boosted employees’coordination and collective enthusiasm.

紐約時報中英文網 http://www.738231.buzz

  沃頓商學院教授Andrew Carton對1960年代NASA的決策進行了分析,發現類似的步驟幫助員工看到了他們的工作與NASA最終愿望之間更緊密的聯系:“我正在修建電路”或“我正在擦地板”變為“我正在將一個人放在月球上”。我們對執行任務的原因的思考越多,我們就會越有動力和毅力,尤其是當任務變得艱難時。正如卡頓在他對NASA的研究中發現的那樣,這種目的感也增強了員工的協調能力和集體熱情。

  Encourage employees to reflect on opportunities to recraft their jobs.Leaders should go out of their way to talk with employees about their strengths and how they can use them in their new way of working.What abilities and talents would they like to use more in their work in the weeks,months,and years ahead?What would they like to learn?


  This type of job crafting allows us to play to our strengths—letting our unique interests,perspectives,and background guide how we do our work and the value we add to the organization.Your“best self”starts to determine the way you work,and work becomes more exciting.


  Managers are often nervous about letting employees bring more of themselves to work and breaking away from the usual way of working more generally.They worry that important tasks will go undone or that employees will goof off.But now that working at home is a necessity,employees are already trying to cope with an unprecedented amount of autonomy.Use this as an opportunity to give employees the freedom to be themselves and explore their talents and interests(as Francesca wrote about in HBR’s Rebel Talent Big Idea program and Dan in Alive at Work).Our joint research at hospitals,not-for-profits,and call centers shows that when leaders encourage employees to highlight and express their unique strengths on their jobs,their performance improves and burnout rates drop.

  經理們常常擔心讓員工更多地參與工作,而與通常的工作方式脫節。他們擔心重要的任務將被撤消,或者員工會變得愚蠢。但是現在必須在家工作,員工們已經在努力應對前所未有的自主權。以此為契機,讓員工自由地做自己,并發掘自己的才能和興趣(正如Francesca在HBR的Rebel Talent Big Idea計劃和Dan在Alive at Work中所寫的那樣)。我們在醫院,非營利組織和呼叫中心的聯合研究表明,當領導者鼓勵員工表達其在工作中的獨特優勢時,他們的績效就會提高,倦怠率會下降。

  When employees can bring their best selves to work,they feel more autonomous,and their work feels more meaningful.Even when they’re working in their living room,their engagement has a chance to soar.Work feels like it matters more when we get to decide how it’s done.


  The current crisis may likewise serve as a trigger for individuals to reflect on who benefits from their work and how they are making a difference.With the help of their leaders,they can make adjustments to bring more meaning to their work during this time of crisis and beyond.



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