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  Cooperate to fight the epidemic and oppose the stigmatization of China


  Amid the grim situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on March 19 that“more than ever before,we need solidarity,hope and coordinated global response to see this crisis through together”.However,some politicians attempted to politicize the novel coronavirus,damaging international solidarity.


  On March 19,a picture shot by The Washington Post showed that,on the US President Donald Trump’s notes for a White House media briefing,someone crossed out the word“corona”in“coronavirus”and replaced it with“Chinese”.A day earlier,Trump also purposefully called the virus a“Chinese virus”in the briefing.


  Before this,noted Sky News,he’d been calling it the coronavirus–so why the shift?


  According to CNN,Trump repeatedly called COVID-19 a“Chinese virus”in speeches and tweets,which showed his attempt to mislead the public understanding.

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  By March 24,the number of US cases had surpassed 42,000,more than a 10-fold increase from a week earlier,according to the World Health Organization.The US has held the second largest cases of COVID-19 behind that of Italy,outside of the Chinese mainland.


  Trump tried to avoid taking the blame for his own administration’s struggles to deal with the virus,according to CNN.Being incapable of putting the outbreak“under control”,Trump knew it could cause a recession and“if millions of Americans die,it will be on his watch...Calling it the‘Chinese virus’is a way of deflecting blame,”commented Sky News.On March 23,Trump dropped his use of the term“Chinese virus”under increasing criticism,CNN reported.


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  Many have expressed opposition to such stigmatization of China.


  State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that“China strongly opposes labeling the virus with the name of a country as it is immoral and unfair”.Such a move will divide the international community,Wang said,adding that it does not enhance efforts to unite countries in the battle against the spread of the pandemic,nor will it contribute to the disease prevention and control efforts in the US.


  Indeed,when the World Health Organization(WHO)named the pneumonia COVID-19 in early February,the organization was very cautious to avoid stigmatizing a country or particular group.


  On March 20,the Foreign Ministry reiterated that China believes that the origin of the virus is a matter of science which requires a professional and science-based assessment.


  As Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said,“In this global fight against the coronavirus,everyone needs to respect facts,respect science,respect others and,above all,respect oneself,because where science cannot arrive for the time being,humanity will.”




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